The core value of JSC «SMP» are the people who work at it. They are the driving force of it. It is thanks to them our factory is «alive». It is them who controls all the manufacturing processes, doing a good job.

Our staff is team-oriented, and thanks to it we do great: our enterprise is the leader in its industry, and there was no technical failure of our parachutes as manufactured flaws for more than 85 years of parachute systems production.

The management of JSC «SMP» knows all the processes at our factory in detail. It knows that the wish of our employees to do their work as best they can is very important. That’s why we strive to provide the best working conditions for our staff, applying international standards of social and personnel policy for this.

As a result, our staff has all the necessary at the place of employment, has the opportunity for professional development and upward movement in a career. Fair wage, teach-and-learn capability and further training, friendly atmosphere - that's what our plant offers for the employees.

If you are responsible, have motivation to blossom out and want to be sure of the stability of payment for your work, we are looking forward to your working at our team. Send a resume to our HR department or call us.

Available vacancies

If you wish to work in the sector of parachute systems manufacturing, if you wish to become a part of our large family, we’ll be glad to see you in our staff office. Our available vacancies for today are:

  • Sewing machine operator — salary: 36 000 rubles
  • Sewing machine operator apprentice — salary: 22 000 rubles