About Our Company

The “Solnechnogorsky Mechanical Plant” Joint-Stock Company (the “SMP” JSC) is a modern industrial enterprise, the leader of production of parachute systems for different purposes:

  • Parachute escape systems with a survival kit;
  • Drogue parachute systems;
  • Cargo chute systems;
  • Assault parachute systems;
  • Special-purpose parachute systems.

Parachute technology is supplied to various ministries and departments.

Products of JSC "SMP" are in demand in more than 30 countries of the world

In accordance with the criteria established by the Russian Federation Government, the products produced by our plant are science-intensive and high-tech. The parachute systems of the “SMP” JSC conform to the world-class technical level.

Since the beginning of the production of parachute systems at our plant, and up to now, the aim of “SMP” JSC is to maximize the satisfaction of our customers' needs for guaranteed high-quality products.

The “SMP” JSC is held fully liable for the lives of people who use our systems, of peace and well-being of their families. Our parachute systems rescued military personnel and equipment in emergency situations many times. There wasn’t any technical failure as manufactured flaws for more than an 85-year period of the parachute systems production.

Our enterprise successfully solves the tasks of new technologies implementation and assimilation either in production or management. Using long experience in assimilation and production of parachute systems, the “SMP” JSC is ready for pilot and serial manufacture of new products.

The “SMP” JSC has a reputation of conscientious and reliable supplier and taxpayer.

History of JSC "SMP" from 1930 to the present

  • 1933

    Production assimilation of the parachute systems. Setting up of the 2-nd Parachute Factory in the USSR.

  • 1930 1935

    Successful assimilation and production of parachute systems. Increase in production capacity.

  • 1950 1986

    Serial production of more than 300 releases of parachute systems.

  • 1985 1991

    Production of parachute systems for space vehicles.

  • 2013

    The plant becomes a part of the holding “Tekhnodinamika” of the State Corporation “Rostekh”.

Company name

Full name – Joint-Stock Company “Solnechnogorsky Mechanical Plant”
Abbreviated name – JSC “SMP”

Registration Information
  • Main State Registration Number (MSRN) — 1025005687717
  • Tax Identity Number (TIN) — 5044000254/504401001
  • All-Russian Classifier of Enterprises and Organizations — 07508018
  • All-Russian Classifier of Territories of Municipalities — 46652101001