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The “SMZ” JSC is the integrated plant on manufacturing of parachute systems:

  • Escape parachute systems with a survival kit;
  • Drogue parachute systems;
  • Cargo parachute systems;
  • Assault parachute systems;
  • Special-purpose parachute systems;

The products produced by the “Solnechnogorskiy Mechanical Plant” JSC are science-intensive and high-tech. They meet the criteria established by the RF Government. One of our advantages involves the production of all the main elements for parachute systems on our plant. It gives us an opportunity to guarantee their reliability and a high level of safety in operation.

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The Solnechnogorskiy mechanical plant is the largest one in the Russian Federation. Being the leader in parachute systems production, it has many important inventions and achievements. Our production is represented by a wide range of parachute systems for various purposes. It is well-known all over the world thanks to its reliability and safety.

Our responsibility

It is difficult to re-estimate a heavy responsibility that we hold. The lives of people servicemen who use our systems depends on their safety and reliability. We always keep it in our minds and exert the best efforts to provide the best quality of our products. Our plant manufactures parachute systems from 1933, and we’ve never made a mistake: there were no failures of equipment related to production defects during this period of time. Partly it became possible thanks to the quality management system that assist on our plant. It guarantees failure-free and reliability of the parachute systems manufactured on the “Solnechnogorskiy Mechanical Plant” JSC. It is in demand in more than 30 countries all over the world. Parachute systems of the “SMZ” JSC: reliability, high quality, safety!

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